Probably true. I'm using HI-Z circle 8 & 
triangular arrays and mixing them with a 
NCC-2 to try and deal with local RFI but 
on 160 I can hear pretty well. They 
haven't heard me yet on 160 and I was 
trying to keep away from everyone else's 
signals. with my seaside location you'd 
think I wouldn't have much of an issue but 
things aren't always what we expect.

I did manage to snag them on 80 & 40 
making it to #331 in the current count so 
mission accomplished but I do want them 
most on 160.

Considering I am using wire verticals for 
all my antennas (Inv-L on 80 & sloper on 
160), I don't have a lot to worm in with 
on the upper bands.

OTOH, I haven't heard a peep from Chap at 
A5A at all this go around & after 39 years 
have only heard an A5 on two days & they 
didn't hear me.

Let's see how tonight fares.

Good luck to us all.



> The problem will be getting him to hear you.  I was calling in a pile
> on 20 SSB yesterday when he announced that they had another station
> coming up at 18130.  I doubt that anyone else heard that, considering
> the out of control mob.   I tuned up there and he was calling CQ at a
> solid S7 on my K3S.  He announced he was listening up 5.  As soon as
> he did I started calling, and calling and calling...  He answered no
> one for what seemed a long time until he was spotted and then he
> answer a few guys, obviously hearing them with considerable
> difficulty.
> Boggles my mind that they went on a major expedition with (AFAIK)
> unproven equipment.
> Wes  N7WS
> On 4/8/2018 6:39 PM, Gary Smith wrote:
> > Elusive again tonight but a better signal
> > than yesterday. Only heard him well at the
> > beginning of GL and he dropped off 30 min
> > later. Could hear EU calling him clearly
> > before GL so the band was in decent shape
> > still. Going to be tough for me to hear
> > him at this QTH but that's the game.
> >
> > GL to all,
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Gary
> > KA1J
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