Love the new 6.3 editor :-)  

I've tried looking into code but not getting terribly far trying to work 
out what are the possible values teamwork:defaultLayout

The only value i've found that works so far is "TabularEditor"

When i make this default, the "available layouts" gives me a bunch of 
options who all claim have "default" = false.

I see there is teamwork:defaultForProjectType i could attach to a Layout... 

I dont see a property equivalent to the deprecated projectEditorClassOption

so a few obvious questions:

1) what are the range of values available for defaultLayout ?
2) how does one add to the list of available layouts (including where 
should one put the declarations if they are not properties of the 
3) If one saves a layout, how can it be exported so i can package it with a 
custom asset collection as the default layout?

 ( noticed a few tab option layout glitches - is there a patch release 
planned soon?)


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