#20082: Lower initial descriptor upload delay for hidden services
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                                                 |  0.3.0.x-final
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Comment (by twim):

 Replying to [comment:29 dgoulet]:
 > @twim, yeah you'll need a Gitlab account, sorry about that but it's
 worth it. If you had more commit, I can add them to that branch so we
 don't lose our discussion.

 Sure, I prefer to move review-specific code to something ephemeral to not
 litter trac.

 > Removing `proposal-needed?` as we don't define upload delays in the
 specification only time period HOWEVER I found this in rend-spec.txt:
 > {{{
 >    When uploading descriptors, the hidden service needs to make sure
 >    descriptors for different clients are not uploaded at the same time
 >    Section 1.1) which is also a limiting factor for the number of
 > }}}
 > We should make sure we actually follow this as this might be important?

 Sure, it's really important and somehow I forgot about it. I think there
 should be some __short__ random initial delay __only for on-disk
 services__ since they are being started at the same time (note that this
 code doesn't actually work now). I'll soon update my branch.
 The delay for hiding startup time has different purpose and should be
 treated separately (see #20262 and my branch `obfuscate-startup-time`).

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