#20082: Lower initial descriptor upload delay for hidden services
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Comment (by twim):

 Replying to [comment:30 asn]:
 > My understanding is that the patc makes the default delay be 3s but we
 will have a torrc option to bump it up to 30s + random()?
 > I'm having trouble understanding the point of this torrc option? Who
 would enable it and for what reason? IMO, it's just going to go unused and
 contribute to our increasing torrc option bloat.

 Nope, please see changes file about how it works. `torrc` option is for
 hiding startup time for those who need it and is being discussed in
 #20262. There is not `torrc` option here.

 Plus see my previous comment.

 > I feel that there is no point in doing probabilistic delays here without
 a proper security analysis of what they offer, and I have not seen one of
 those yet. Just saying "it obfuscates startup time" is not a security
 analysis IMO. Who does it obfuscate it from, what attacks are prevented,
 and why did we choose that random value? Most importantly, _who_ should
 enable that torrc option?

 Again, there is no `torrc` option here. I have eliminated deterministic
 delay here. 3s is only for the case when networks fails and we have to
 reupload descriptor suddenly. Also, as dgoulet has mentioned, I've
 introduced small random delay in order to unlink on-disk onion services
 from each other. It's absolutely different delay (see above).

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