#20335: ReferenceChecker causes OOM
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Comment (by iwakeh):

 Replying to [comment:10 karsten]:
 > I ''believe'' that's a smart thing to do.  I'm not sure if that would
 break something.

 Unfortunately, you're right and this was not the reason for the oom :-/

 > But I think it doesn't solve the issue here.  Or, I ran out of memory
 with a similar patch applied.  And I think I know why:
 > {{{
 > -rw-r--r--  1 karsten  staff   2.1G Oct 18 11:52
 > }}}
 > With the recent change to append all votes to a single file, we're
 creating a 2.1G large file when doing the first synchronization run.
 However, metrics-lib wants to read that entire file to memory which
 probably doubles in size when it's parsed.  Ugh!
 > Note that the CollecTor's reference checker is just one application that
 breaks when input files are too large.  Other applications using metrics-
 lib would similarly be affected.
 > A longer-term fix might be to change metrics-lib to read through large
 files and pause when it has parsed enough descriptors that the application
 still has to process.

 Did you verify that metrics-lib is the culprit? Like, reading the 2G file
 for parsing?

 > A short-term fix would be to stick with the current naming scheme for
 files in the `recent/` directory, as that would have avoided this issue.

 The commit for the review in #18910 is easily adaptable, if necessary.

 > Fun times!

 Wouldn't it be boring without the unforeseen ;-)

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