#24902: Denial of Service mitigation subsystem
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Comment (by teor):

 My relay radia4 became unmeasured shortly after I disabled my firewall and
 started relying on the DDoS defences. And then a few hours later, it came
 back up again.

 I've checked that it's reachable on IPv4 and IPv6, and that the remaining
 firewall rules aren't blocking anything (unless the authorities are making
 *lots* of connections).

 Could the authorities (or the bandwidth authority clients) be triggering
 one of the defences?
 Aren't authorities meant to be exempted as relays?
 Perhaps the bandwidth authority clients are building too many circuits?

 (In particular, maatuska, bastet, moria1, and faravahar stopped voting for


 It's back up now, so it's not a big deal. But we should watch out for
 missing relay votes during

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