#24902: Denial of Service mitigation subsystem
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Comment (by teor):

 Replying to [comment:70 dgoulet]:
 > Replying to [comment:69 teor]:
 > > My relay radia4 became unmeasured shortly after I disabled my firewall
 and started relying on the DDoS defences. And then a few hours later, it
 was measured again.
 > >
 > > I've checked that it's reachable on IPv4 and IPv6, and that the
 remaining firewall rules aren't blocking anything (unless the authorities
 are making *lots* of connections).
 > >
 > > Could the authorities (or the bandwidth authority clients) be
 triggering one of the defences?
 > > Aren't authorities meant to be exempted as relays?
 > For reachability test, authority opens a one-hop circuit to the relay
 and it is authenticated right?


 > But anycase, there is no defense applied for known IPs and I assume
 dirauth are very known.

 It depends. If authorities set OutboundBindAddress, or their default route
 is through a non-public address, then their IPs won't be known. But they
 will be authenticated.

 > > Perhaps the bandwidth authority clients are building too many
 > If the bwauth is opening more than 3 concurrent connections and doing on
 them 90 circuits burst at a rate of 3 circuit/second, then yes that is
 *crazy* and would trigger the defense. Or if it is opening more than 100
 TCP connections in parallel, all the other connections would get refused.
 > > Edit: it was re-measured, not down
 > The defense would be up for 60 minutes + rand(1, 30) minutes so if it
 was re-measured somehow properly without triggering the defense, I think
 that either the bwauth is on the edge there or it is not that.
 > If the bwauth aren't opening that many circuits, I would blame the
 network load or/and bwauth code?

 Possibly. We should look for these issues in

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