#24432: The meek<->moat tunneling isn't set up correctly
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:25 isis]:
 >  3. The moat server is erroring with `415 Unsupported Media Type`, but
 that would only happen if it got the HTTP header `Content-Type:
 application/vnd.api+json` but with a media type parameter specified, e.g.
 `Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json;jpeg`. (So it sounds like either
 Apache, the meek reflector, or meek-server is altering the headers?)

 I found a typo in your `moat-fetch-and-format-captcha-response.py` script
 There is a missing comma at the end of this line:
  '--proxy', 'socks5://'
 I also had to remove the extra quotes around the header values.

 After I fixed those problems, I always receive a "The CAPTCHA solution was
 incorrect." response (even though I am trying really hard to provide the
 correct answer). With Tor Launcher we still see the "No bridges available
 to fulfill request: None." response, so maybe there is another problem
 with the test script. I did notice that the data "payload" was not
 enclosed in square brackets, but fixing that made no difference.

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