#25260: Merge mozbuild files into tor-launcher.git
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 Step 1 of using TorLauncher with TBA is merging TorLauncher into tor-
 browser. As a side effect of this, we avoid rewriting it using the
 Webextensions API which provides limited functionality compared to the
 legacy XPCOM interface.

 I see (at least) three options:
 - Copy the current tor-launcher.git src/ directory code into tor-
 browser.git and maintain it in tor-browser
 - Copy the entire tor-launcher.git repo into tor-browser.git as a nested
 git repo (preserving the .git/ from tor-launcher), continue maintaining
 tor-launcher.git but update the version in tor-browser.git by `git pull`
 from tor-launcher.git whenever needed
 - Add tor-launcher.git as a git submodule

 I'm currently favoring 2 or 3 because this means the other XPCOM/XUL apps
 can continue using it and we don't run into a problem with tor-launcher-
 in-tor-browser becoming out of sync with tor-launcher.git.

 If we follow 2), then it adds an additional step whenever new code is
 merged into tor-launcher.git because then it will need to be pulled into
 tor-browser.git, too. One advantage of this is it simplifies the build
 process and tor-browser-build won't need a tor-launcher project. On the
 other hand, this means we'll need a new build flag for enabling/disabling
 including tor-launcher (otherwise tor-launcher will be included and run at
 startup by default, always).

 If we follow 3), then tor-launcher remains a separate project that is
 cloned and integrated only when it is needed (much like it is currently at
 build time). This choice comes with the disadvantages of using a
 submodule, but it keeps the two repos decoupled.

 From these three choices, it seems like using a submodule is the best
 choice, so we should merge the moz.build and jar.mn into tor-launcher.git.

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