#23932: Please grant more folks list creation permissions
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Comment (by qbi):

 The current approach for creating a new mailing list is as follows:

  1. Someone makes a ticket
  1. Check if all the required information are present. See
  1. Someone needs to run `newlist` on eugeni. "Someone" is a person which
 belongs to the admin group (currently weasel, qbi and nickm). The
 following information need to be entered:
   1. Name of the list
   1. Email address of the new listadmin
   1. Password for the list. The password must also go to a password
  1. Go to https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/emailLists and
 enter the information about the newly created list
  1. Log in at the list page at https://lists.torproject.org and enter the
 list description plus maybe make more changes.
  1. Close the ticket

 So step three is the one which only a limited set of people can do. As far
 as I see it extending the number of people would require to give them root
 privileges. The possible harm which can be done here  is more than just
 wait for a few days for a new list. Thatswhy I'm hesitant to go this way.
 IMHO it is better to ask one of the two remaining people if list creation
 takes too long. What are your opinions on this?

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