#23932: Please grant more folks list creation permissions
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Comment (by arma):


 * I think we don't make lists all that often, so it isn't super urgent to
 grow the list of admin people too much. We just need to find a way for new
 list requests to not slip through the cracks.

 * In theory somebody else can do steps 1,2,4,5,6. From previous tickets it
 looks like having somebody else ensure step 2 got done right, before we
 bug anybody about step 3, would be helpful. Maybe these are the list
 admins, and that's Damian and...used to be Karsten? Is it anybody else?

 * I would feel bad bugging weasel about this one, since we want his
 attention for bigger vision things. That mainly leaves Nick and qbi. We
 should check with Nick to see what he thinks about his role here.

 * hiro is our service admin, which is a different role. The sysadmins keep
 the underlying infrastructure going, and the service admins keep all the
 stuff like trac and blog and gitlab and so on stable and secure and
 working. The reason why this mailman question is messy is that apparently
 mailman is set up so only sysadmins can actually admin the service. That's
 not how it should be in an ideal world.

 * qbi, I assume you've thought through "I wonder if we could give sudo
 privs to run just the newlist command"? (It looks like most people are
 unable to even log in to eugeni? Which makes sense because it's the
 central mail server.)

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