#25729: UTF8 encoded TORRC does NOT parse non-Latin paths
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 Unpack [https://linx.li/selif/tor-utf8-fails.7z this Tor archive] to C:\

 It will create the following hierarchy:
 ''C:\Проверка\Tor'' (for executables, libraries and torrc)
 ''C:\Проверка\Tor\Data'' (for data and geoip)

 Configuration file, torrc, is encoded UTF8.
 It has this line: ''DataDirectory C:\Проверка\Tor\Data''

 If I run tor.exe -f torrc, the output as follows
 ''[warn] Error creating directory C:\Проверка\Tor\Data: No such file or
 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Couldn't create private data
 directory "C:\Проверка\Tor\Data"''

 Now let’s replace UTF8 encoded torrc with [https://linx.li/selif/torrc-
 ansi.7z ANSI encoded torrc] and Tor works as expected.

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