#25763: Design a .onion icon
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Comment (by elioqoshi):

 I like the 2nd exploration Antonela! They seem like material for GUI
 elements as status indicators. Maybe we can design a proper onion and have
 more abstract shapes like these to indicate onion services?

 These are the onions I designed from scratch.
 https://presentator.ura.design/en/iZZBur31 (you can comment on there like
 in InVision)

 It includes also a potential refresh of the Tor logo to this exact onion.
 The onion body is symmetrical and I was careful that the shape have a
 minimum thickness consistently, so it looks okay also on very small sizes.
 Something we need to keep it mind is that the onion should be as short as
 possible, as icons would ideally fit well into a square (1:1 proportions),
 yet it still need to look like an onion. I shortened the leaves a bit to
 accommodate for that.

 Feedback is welcome

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