#25763: Design a .onion icon
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Comment (by antonela):

 > These are the onions I designed from scratch.
 > https://presentator.ura.design/en/iZZBur31 (you can comment on there
 like in InVision)
 The stylised icon version works better at small sizes than the current
 one. And, we are still having a recognizable onion icon. That is cool! The
 container form is something that could be nice to explore: different
 fills, divider lines, a dot pattern? Do you want to play with it?

 > Something we need to keep it mind is that the onion should be as short
 as possible, as >icons would ideally fit well into a square (1:1
 proportions), yet it still need to look like >an onion. I shortened the
 leaves a bit to accommodate for that.
 +1. It is hard but agreed we should try to have a 1:1 aspect radio
 solution for the icon.

 > I like the 2nd exploration Antonela! They seem like material for GUI
 elements as status indicators. Maybe we can design a proper onion and have
 more abstract shapes like these to indicate onion services?
 I think we are going in the right direction. I don't think we are ready
 for a drastic change like I explored in option 2, yet.
 > Feedback is welcome
 hey, thanks Elio for working on it! I'd like to play with your icon a
 little bit too, do you want to share your .svg?

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