#30586: requirements are not included in setup.py
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Comment (by acute):

 Replying to [comment:16 karsten]:

 > However, I'm still having difficulties with building and running
 OnionPerf without using `pip`: The command `python3 setup.py install
 --user` still runs `pip` in the background, and I'm unclear how to set
 `PYTHONPATH` in order to avoid running that command in the first place.
 Once I know how to do that I can merge this branch (and apply the #33433
 patch on top of it).
 Apologies, I should have added this.
 Once all the dependencies are installed for Onionperf, this is as simple

 git clone https://git.torproject.org/onionperf.git
 cd onionperf/onionperf
 PYTHONPATH=.. python3 onionperf
 > Another minor issue is that `python3-setuptools` needs to be listed as
 required package in the instructions now. I can add that to `README.md`,
 if that's the only remaining issue.

 I've attached a patch for README.md that includes `python3-setuptools` in
 the instructions, and also includes the instructions above on how to run
 OP without installing it - should be a quick review :)
 > Thanks for your patience! :)
 Thanks very much, sorry for taking longer than anticipated.

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