#29957: clicking on "click to play" media leaks URLs via NoScript on-disk
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:8 ma1]:
 > Replying to [comment:5 gk]:
 > > Okay, thanks for those steps that helped me a lot. Giorgio: given that
 this violates assumptions about Private Browsing Mode (PBM) usage (There
 should not be leaked any information about web browsing to disk in that
 mode let alone possibly problematic URLs) is there a way for NoScript to
 actually adhere to the PBM rules the user/Tor Browser has intentionally
 enabled? Like saving the exceptions in memory and only there if in PBM? It
 seems to me there is no reason to save them to disk in that case.
 > Yes, it can be done. I'll need to flag all permissions as temporary
 (maybe if not explicitly overridden by the user some way, e.g. via an
 option in the confirmation dialog) for sessions where the Tor Browser is
 detected as the host.
 > I will put this in 11.0.25.

 Thanks (i guess you mean 11.0.27, right? ;)). I think binding it to Tor
 Browser might not be the best option. It seems to me the PMB/non-PBM
 distinction is important here. I doubt Firefox users in PBM expect their
 site exceptions to be written to disk either given their conscious choice
 to enable PBM in the first place. Thus, respecting *that* distinction
 seems more important than Tor Browser/non-Tor Browser AND it fits better
 to the mental model (Tor) Browser users have.

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