commit c7052009c79ba222c3caf58415293d98f4fb372b
Author: Translation commit bot <>
Date:   Fri Sep 16 19:45:25 2016 +0000

    Update translations for https_everywhere
 ku_IQ/https-everywhere.dtd | 14 +++++++-------
 ku_IQ/ssl-observatory.dtd  |  4 ++--
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ku_IQ/https-everywhere.dtd b/ku_IQ/https-everywhere.dtd
index 36ff7e7..15e1251 100644
--- a/ku_IQ/https-everywhere.dtd
+++ b/ku_IQ/https-everywhere.dtd
@@ -3,36 +3,36 @@
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.ext_description "Encrypt the Web! 
Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.version "Version">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.created_by "Created by">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.and ", and">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.and "، و">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.librarians "Ruleset Librarians">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.add_new_rule "Add New Rule">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.thanks "Thanks to">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.thanks "سوپاس بۆ">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.many_contributors "Many many contributors, 
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.noscript "Also, portions of HTTPS Everywhere 
are based on code from NoScript, by Giorgio Maone and others.  We are grateful 
for their excellent work!">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.contribute  "If you like HTTPS Everywhere, you 
might consider">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.donate_tor "Donating to Tor">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.tor_lang_code "en">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.or "or">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.or "یان">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.donate_eff "Donating to EFF">
 <!ENTITY "Donate to EFF">
 <!ENTITY "About HTTPS Everywhere">
 <!ENTITY "SSL Observatory Preferences">
-<!ENTITY "بەگەڕخستنی ئێچ تی 
تی پی ئێس لە هەمووشوێنێک">
+<!ENTITY "بەگەڕخستنی ئێچ تی 
تی پی ئێس لە هەموو شوێنێک">
 <!ENTITY "لەکارخستنی ئێچ تی 
تی پی ئێس لە هەمووشوێنێک">
 <!ENTITY "Block all unencrypted 
 <!ENTITY "Show Counter">
 <!ENTITY "View All Rules">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.title "HTTPS Everywhere Preferences">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enable_all "Enable All">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enable_all "ڕێپێدانی گشتیان">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.disable_all "Disable All">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.reset_defaults "Reset to Defaults">
 <!ENTITY "Search">
-<!ENTITY "Site">
+<!ENTITY "ماڵپەڕ">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.notes "Notes">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.list_caption "Which HTTPS redirection rules 
should apply?">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enabled "Enabled">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enabled "چالاککراو">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.ruleset_howto "You can learn how to write your 
own rulesets (to add support for other web sites)">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.here_link "here">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.toggle "Toggle">
diff --git a/ku_IQ/ssl-observatory.dtd b/ku_IQ/ssl-observatory.dtd
index 0bdf17e..32de9b5 100644
--- a/ku_IQ/ssl-observatory.dtd
+++ b/ku_IQ/ssl-observatory.dtd
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ received by the Observatory will indicate that somebody 
visited, but not who visited the site, or what specific page they
 looked at.  Mouseover the options for further details:">
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.hide "Hide advanced options">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.hide "شاردنەوەی بژاردە 
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.nonanon 
 "Check certificates even if Tor is not available">
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ looked at.  Mouseover the options for further details:">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.priv_dns_tooltip
 "Unless this option is checked, the Observatory will not record certificates 
for names that it cannot resolve through the DNS system.">
-<!ENTITY "Show advanced options">
+<!ENTITY "پیشاندانی بژاردە 
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.title "SSL Observatory Preferences">

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