>>> NOTICE: moria1 had 756 HSDir flags in its vote but
>>> the consensus had 2583
>> I tried to find something related to this in the 0.3.3.x changelogs
>> because moria1 (the affected dirauth) is the only one running tor alpha
>> but I didn't find anything related to a change in what is required
>> to earn the HSDir flag. Has there been any change related to how
>> HSDir is assigned that would explain that significant difference?
> This is because moria1 is running an experimental patch that drastically cut
> down the number of voted HSDir. It has been doing that for a while now. I
> can't recall the ticket but this was an attempt a while back to see how much
> it would be bad to vote down for the most stable relays on the network to be
> HSDir.
> Roger can probably explain it better but all in all nothing to worried about
> there as it is expected.

Thanks for the explanation!

I tried to find it on trac, I guess this is:

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