The Raspberry Pi 2 runs Tor just fine, but I have no idea what speeds you
can expect since my upload is only 1Mbps. I was using Raspbian Jessie with
the official Tor repos. Once everything was installed and set up, the
system could literally just sit on a shelf with power and ethernet and be
completely fine.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Tamara West <>

> I've got a few family members across the country who have broadband they
> are not using for more than email and social. I wanted to go about setting
> up a relay at each house can can be run with minimum amount of power and
> attention. I was considering something like RaspPi or Compute Stick.
> Main questions (1) anyone else use these or something similar? (2)
> recommend of strong alternatives suggested? (3) is there something smaller,
> lighter and cheaper that will do the job? (*) did I maybe miss something
> obvious that needs attention?
> Thank you.
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