SocksPort 0
RunAsDaemon 1
ORPort 443
Nickname saverig
ContactInfo sinister(dot)hama(at)googlemail(dot)com []
DirPort 80
ExitPolicy reject *:*
DisableDebuggerAttachment 0
ControlPort 9051
CookieAuthentication 1

There is no IP listed unless I located the incorrect file. /etc/tor/torrc is my public address

I do have the port forwarded. The whole point was so that anyone who
couldn't reach tor normally and had to use 443, 80 could do so with my
setup. I've noticed some weirdness with RCN though. Some IPs block and
allow access differently and as far as I can tell no one seems to know
why. I already had an issue with my streaming box not seeing my
server. Also I know I've had a site hosted on my computer before.
Without really knowing why getting a new IP resolved the issue.
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