Am 02.12.2016 um 00:21 schrieb Michael Armbruster:
> On 2016-12-01 at 23:54, pa011 wrote:
>> There were some talks about network diversity recently, so I made up my mind 
>> and started a freeBSD server.
>> On advice from here 
>> I placed a 
>> line in the torrc file "Log notice file /var/log/tor/log" 
>> Following these instructions from the TDP:
>> "touch /var/log tor && chown _tor:_tor /var/log/tor && chmod 600 
>> /var/log/tor" 
> As others already said, it should be "/var/log/tor" without a space and
> with a slash.
> But for me, it looks like you are trying to store the logs in a file
> "/var/log/tor/log", so in a directory named "/var/log/tor". You should
> delete the file you created with the touch command and instead use
> "mkdir /var/log/tor", then change ownership and modify access rights via
> chmod.
I thought it is similar to "Log notice file /var/log/tor/notices.log" in debian 
where you specify a single file.
So you Michael say in in freeBSD the torrc file is looking for a folder entry - 
I will try that tomorrow..
so it will be
"sudo mkdir /var/log/tor"
"sudo chown _tor:_tor /var/log/tor"
"sudo chmod 600 /var/log/tor" 


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