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> I decided to make a quick starter guide to introduce using a local resolver
> for tor-exit node operators. I'd like to solicit some of your feedback on
> things that should be added or improved upon. Hopefully this will be a
> living document - My goal is to help lower the amount of TOR exit relays
> using 3rd party DNS providers for client DNS lookups. While it doesn't
> address all security concerns, it's a necessary step to improving anonymity
> of TOR's users. Let me know what you think.
> Guide is meant for debian/linux users
> http://backplanedns.org/TOR_exit_dns_resolver_howto.htm

> ...
> in the clearweb are being probably being logged. In this simple tutorial
> ...

Your tutorial is in the clearweb itself, and probably not only being logged,
but also can be MITMed to include all sorts of malicious instructions and/or
rewrite the recommended third party resolver IPs to an attacker-controlled

Why not use HTTPS for the website? Doubly weird that you want to educate
others on security topics, and then don't follow the best practices yourself.

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