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> Ralph Seichter wrote:
>> I moved a Tor relay to new hardware, keeping the keys. Both old and new
>> server are located in Germany and provided by the same hosting company.
>> After the latest Atlas update, I was surprised to see that the IPv4
>> address is listed as belonging to an AS in Ukraine. A little more
>> digging returned Guangzhou, China, as the supposed location based on the
>> server's IPv6 address.
> A bit off-topic but after updating the client to I noticed that
> torstatus.rueckgr.at some times reports US based exits which are excluded
> by my config (ExcludeExitNodes {US}).

Different GeoIP sources have different country allocations.

Also, this option only blocks exit nodes with ORPort addresses in the US.

For example, I run an exit in Canada, where some addresses were allocated
from an Canadian block, and others were allocated from a US block. So if
I wanted to, I could ORPort on a Canadian address, and Exit on a US one.

> Not a big deal for me but GeoIP
> manupulation is a potential attack vector to reveal identities of people
> who try to avoid certain countries.

Behaving differently to most tor clients has always been a
fingerprinting vector.

We need more research on how to exclude some nodes for some users
safely. (It might not even be possible to do it safely.)


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