As a general comment I try and assume the best of everyone on the
mailing list and the worst of everyone in actual practice...

When offering sensitive anonymization services it's best to take the
opposite view of yourself.  Operate with the best intentions but
seriously think about what harm you *could* do because everone else
has to assume you're doing that unless you can provide strong proofs

In the case of a single person running DNS service en encouraging exit
oepratiors to use them you create a significant single point of
failure.  Both by possible malicious activity on your part, simple
misconfiguration, or just giving external actors an (arguably) more
focused place to look.

Just in general "everyone send your traffic through me" is a huge red
flag no matter who you are.  If Roger Dingledine walked into my office
and sugeested to my face that all TOR DNS should go through a system I
know he controlls that sits in my data center I'd take quite a bit of
convincing because reputation != strong proof.

So I appreciate your interest in solving a problem and actually take
some action, but I'm not surprised it was poorly received.  I do
encourage you to apply a  bit of the tecnical paranoia this list can
supply and see if you can come up with ways to address them.  I
suspect some are insurmountable in theis context, but what fun is it
if you only attack surmountable problems?


On Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 10:53:06PM -0400, Dennis Emory Hannon wrote:
:No attitude or hurt feelings. What's different from my servers compared to
:others? Probably nothing at all..this is just a hobby of mine. One would
:think if I wanted to collect information I would just run an exit node
:myself since I have the resources. 
:For those that want an alternative no logging DNS:
:For those that don't,
:No worries at all, we'll be here if you change your mind. :D
:+1 (585) 735-5996 

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