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> > Have been running a mirror for a couple of years and haven't had much
> > time to dedicate to and exit node but have finally committed to it.
> > Found a provider that doesn't seem to have a cap on data and it will
> > cost me about five euros a month.
> > 
> > Question I have is two fold. First I find that atlas.torproject.org
> > sometime says the node is down but its running and connected. Secondly
> > how dose the bandwidth throttling work. I have set it to 300kbits with
> > 500kbit burst but I can see the in/out traffic staying over 1mb for
> > large periods of time and bursting to 7/8mb. Its not a problem just
> > curios.
> For bandwidth throttling, the option "BandwidthRate" applies to both 
> incoming and outgoing traffic. That is, setting BandwidthRate to 300 
> Kbytes will limit incoming traffic to 300 kilobytes/s and outgoing 
> traffic to 300 kilobytes/s. It's possible that whatever is measuring the 
> in/out traffic is combining both these values (hence the 1megabit for 
> the 500kbit value). The option "BandwidthBurst" behaves in a similar 
> manner.

     From the sequence of postings in this thread so far, I note a couple
of things.  One is that the OP said he was limiting to 300 kilo*bits*/s,
while his torrc (as posted) said 300 kilo*bytes*/s.  I've already deleted
his message, so I'm making this statement based upon a possibly faulty
recollection that he wrote *Relay*Bandwidth, rather than Bandwidth, so any
of his own traffic through tor (i.e., his use of tor as a client) is *not*
counted or limited by his torrc.  Likewise regarding RelayBandwidthBurst
vs. BandwidthBurst, which could very well account for the overage observed.
> The manual explains each option in the torrc reasonably fully: 
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-manual.html.en
> (Alternatively, the command 'man tor' should display a virtual manual on 
> the computer.)
> I'm not sure why you'd be seeing the latter burst but I suspect the 
> reason is due to an ill-configured torrc. It's probably worth checking 
> the options again after reading the manual and reloading the Tor 
> service.

     See possible answer above.

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