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Hi Stijn,

So I'm running two relays, one is running on CentOS7, the other Debian Stretch. On both I have nyx (2.0.4) installed. The "Debian" one is missing the CPU, Exit policy etc info. It's not tor version specific, as I recently upgraded the tor software on the nodes regularly.

So on the CentOS node I see this on the top at the right;
cpu: 61.3% tor, 5.0% nyx mem: 371 MB (12.4%) pid: 1279 uptime: 02:59:09
fingerprint: 328E54981C6DDD7D89B89E418724A4A7881E3192
exit policy: reject *:*

On the Debian node it's simply not printing any of these three lines. I can't find in the (debug) logging whether an utility or library is missing. It's nothing major, but annoying. Especially with the new alpha releases it's nice to keep an eye out on mem/cpu.

I have a similar problem with nyx on FreeBSD 11.1. The CPU, mem, pid, uptime, fingerprint and exit policy is only visible when using a terminal width of 141-153 characters. You could try this.

I think I found the non-printing at all, python2 vs python3. But when I have a smaller terminal (actually most of the time I run then side by side in a 55 char width terminal, the lines are printed in one column (for me at least - now on both nodes :-)):

nyx - tornode.sjc.nl (Linux 3.10.0-6...) Tor (recommended)
sjc01 - <<RMEOVED>>:443, Dir Port: 80, Control Port (cookie): 9051
cpu: 73.7% tor, 1.1% nyx mem: 691 MB (23.1%) pid: 1279 uptime: 19:09:43
fingerprint: 328E54981C6DDD7D89B89E418724A4A7881E3192
flags: Fast, Guard, Running, Stable, V2Dir, Valid

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