Hello, for a while now, I have been running a relay called torland at 

I am a little bit bummed right now. After working on it for the past week, I 
finally had the stable flag, however, unannounced my relay went offline for a 
while. I had been checking  it regularly and everything said it was running 
fine until it randomly popped up and said it had been offline for the last 
three hours. I restarted the software immediately however by the time it 
appeared again it had lost the stable flag. I am little  bit annoyed right now 
because I had been working to get the stable flag for the last several days and 
finally had it, then the tor network 
 came out of nowhere and suddenly said it had been offline for the last three 
hours despite the fact that I had been checking it every few minutes before 
hand and it said it was operating normally. I am also wondering, does how long 
a relay is offline for after loosing the stable flag effect how long it takes 
for the relay to regain it’s stable flag? Thank you. I am sorry if I seem 
frustrated, however it’s a bummer to me that I would have the stable flag then 
it would just come out of the blue that it had been offline for three hours 
despite saying online and working fine during that time when I did check it.

Thank you very much. 
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