Den 2018-03-02 kl. 15:10, skrev Israel:
Hi Nio
On 03/02/2018 03:31 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
Den 2018-03-02 kl. 06:03, skrev Israel:

Hi Israel and other toriosadores,

I made a quick test of the new iso file and here is what I found:

1. OBI text mode menu: Used RAM not shown (blank)

(minor bug)

2. Trying to install in text mode:

A lot of escape codes written to screen and then

'Failed to source select-device'

This is a fatal error :-(
Ok, this is good to know, I will try to track this one down.
I think it should be fairly easy to find....  Especially since the GUI
version works.

3. In graphics mode:

Installing at the basic OBI level works :-)

4. The installed system works (only tested some basic things).

Best regards

Excellent, did you have any issues with the boot process?


Hi again,

No I had no issues with the boot process.

I did not install at the advanced OBI level to check if previous operating systems are recognized.

Maybe the boot process is a bit slow, but maybe it depends on the version of Debian, but I would not call it an issue at this stage.

Best regards

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