On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 6:39:11 AM UTC+1, Paul P. wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> Thanks for your response. More or less, that is what I was expecting - 
> just wasn't sure if there was a way I had missed.
> Regarding TSVN not being able to determine "branches" and offer to switch: 
> Perhaps I am missing some edge cases, but I would have expected it to be 
> as "straightforward" as the current action with revisions. 
> If a commit on the inner WC created by an external occurs, but that WC has 
> switched to a different path, there is no value in offering to update the 
> version. 
> In fact, this can be potentially breaking, if the external URL has revs 
> newer than the previous peg...
> What I would (perhaps naievely) expect to occur, post commit (inner WC):
> 1. Check WC path vs. svn:external property path
> --> If different, offer user to change

Define "if different" :)
The external is definitely different, otherwise you wouldn't need an 

And how would you determine the exact change to the external needed?


> 2. Check WC revision vs. svn:external property peg/operative revision
> --> If different, offer user to change

This will always be different if the external comes from another repository.


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