Hello list,

I wanted to mention a project I've been working on with some other folks
that's designed to teach open source in a particulary reflexive way.

The project is called BigBang:


The gist of it is that it has:
 - tools for ingesting data from other open source projects (mailing lists,
repository data, one day issue tracker data)
 - library methods for scientifically analyzing that data
 - examples of scientific analysis in Jupyter notebooks

I've done some pilot trainings with undergrad research assistants, who have
built their own Jupyter notebooks to study open collaboration, often
examining the very communities who built the software the project depends

Lately the BigBang community has been led in a different direction: In a
couple weeks they will be at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
meeting in London and using it at the hackathon there to analyze the IETF
mailing list history.

This is an open call to participation if anybody is interested in adapting
this project for their own teaching. I'm happy to field any questions about

Thanks for listening!


Sebastian Benthall
Research Fellow, Digital Life Initiative, Cornell Tech
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