Hi Open Source Teachers:

I am about to give the last lecture in my open source class and it needs to cover licensing (types of licenses available, differences between them and how to pick the license based on one's preferences but also based on licenses of other tools that a project might use).

I am wondering if anybody have materials, readings, slides related to this content that they would be willing to share.

So far I have the following:

- The Legal Side of Open SourceĀ  https://opensource.guide/legal/
- Chose and Open Source License https://choosealicense.com/
- Open Source Initiative: About Open Source Licenses https://opensource.org/licenses
and the foss2serve activities:
- Choosing a License http://www.foss2serve.org/index.php/Choosing_A_License
- Finding The License http://www.foss2serve.org/index.php/Finding_The_License

So there is a lot to go on. But I hoping for more compact and comprehensive notes that I can cover in a course of an hour or so.

Thanks in advance!


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