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> Hi Open Source Teachers:
> I am about to give the last lecture in my open source class and it needs 
> to cover licensing (types of licenses available, differences between 
> them and how to pick the license based on one's preferences but also 
> based on licenses of other tools that a project might use).
> I am wondering if anybody have materials, readings, slides related to 
> this content that they would be willing to share.
> So far I have the following:
> - The Legal Side of Open Source  https://opensource.guide/legal/
> - Chose and Open Source License https://choosealicense.com/
> - Open Source Initiative: About Open Source Licenses 
> https://opensource.org/licenses
> and the foss2serve activities:
> - Choosing a License http://www.foss2serve.org/index.php/Choosing_A_License
> - Finding The License 
> http://www.foss2serve.org/index.php/Finding_The_License

Hi! Perhaps this will help:


(short url: https://is.gd/8mq9zr )

note the anchor.

Good luck.

> So there is a lot to go on. But I hoping for more compact and 
> comprehensive notes that I can cover in a course of an hour or so.
> Thanks in advance!
> Joanna

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