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** Changed in: tracker (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

** Changed in: tracker-miners (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

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  [FFe] Update tracker(-miners) to 2.3.0

Status in tracker package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in tracker-miners package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Ubuntu is stuck with tracker 2.1.8 and tracker miners 2.1.6, while
  GNOME 3.34 will ship versions 2.3.0 of both.

  Main changes since archive version, in tracker:
    - Support for storing Musicbrainz metadata in the multimedia ontology.
    - Fix detection of files that need writeback
    - Fix crashes and invalid memory writes
    - Fixed initialization of virtual tables
    - Fixed segmentation fault in libtracker-miner
    - Don't try to create JSON-LD nodes with unsigned integers
    - Handle correctly backreferences in TrackerResource tree
    - Fixed handling doubles with exponents in SPARQL
    - Don't limit to specific desktop environments
    - Fix unichar unescaping
    - Correctly Handle BIND in first place of a triples block
    - Fix possible deadlock on WAL checkpoint
    - Fix some double values not being deleted
    - Fixed CHANGES_DONE_HINT handling in TrackerMonitor
    - Ported data generator utilities to python3
    - Ported functional tests to python3, reformatted to PEP-8
    - Correctly apply ignored-directories-with-content filter on monitor updates
    - Multiple memory leak and memory corruption fixes
    - New SPARQL parser, able to generate SQL that is generally more readable
      and at places performs better. Multiple buglets fixed in the process
    - Much improved support of SPARQL1.1 features and syntax that was missing:
      * Property paths: Allowing to match connectivity between two resources
        by an arbitrary length path. There is a number of supported operators
        (alternative, sequence, oneOrMany, ...) that can be combined, e.g:

        SELECT ?s ?p { ?s ^(nfo:belongsToContainer*)/(nie:url|nie:title)
  ?p }

        Only the negated path operator (!) is not supported at the

      * Support for fully unrestricted queries, eg:

        SELECT ?s ?p ?o { ?s ?p ?o } ORDER BY ?o ?p ?s

        Queries with unrestricted predicate (?p in the example above) were
        just supported in a very restricted set of situations. All those
        limitations are gone.
      * MINUS allows subtracting the solutions that match the given triples
        template, eg:

        SELECT ?s { ?s a nfo:Media } MINUS { ?s a nfo:MusicPiece }

    - Support for prepared statements. TrackerSparqlStatement can be built
      with SELECT queries containing (custom) ~var syntax, and updating
      their values before obtaining a cursor.
    - tracker-store now automatically shuts down on inactivity.
    - More property paths supported, new operators supported are -, +, ? and |,
      only the ! operator is not supported yet.
    - Improve error handling in DBus backend
    - New SPARQL parser, able to support more 1.1 features and generating
      friendlier SQL at places. There is initial support for property
      paths (/ and ^), and other missing 1.1 syntax (MINUS, SHA384, ...).
      More improvements are expected to happen in the future thanks to this.
    - Support for prepared statements. TrackerSparqlStatement can be built
      with SELECT queries containing (custom) ~var syntax, and updating
      their values before obtaining a cursor.

  NEWS upstream file changes:

  While in tracker-miners:

    - Support for reading Musicbrainz metadata from audio files.
    - Tracker Writeback now uses GStreamer to write metadata to audio files,
      instead of depending on taglib directly.
    - Directories will now be ignored if they contain a file named `.nomedia`.
      A file named `.trackerignore` has the same effect, but the `.nomedia` file
      brings us in line with Android.
    - Removed obsolete 'max-media-art-width' setting.
    - Functional tests now use python3
    - Fix text extractor handling of non-existent files
    - Fix indexing of tracks in FLAC files
    - Whitelist syscall fadvise64_64
    - Fix failed functional tests being reported as successful
    - Fixes to desktop file indexing
    - The functionality of tracker-miner-apps has been adopted by
    - Updated tracker-miner-fs and tracker-miner-rss to use TrackerResource

  NEWS upstream file changes:

  So changes are quite a lot and with lots of improvements, that it's
  quite important to test a bit more before next LTS, so having in 19.10
  would be smart.

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