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Reading this months HifiChoice mag-IssueNo. 433 Feb (UK) there was a
letter From a SBT user, who felt due to its
Hi-res options was better option than SONOS..(imho..correct). Sadly he
stated the SBT is no longer made (Correct again)..
Also that the Squeezebox server support is Diminishing (Debatable!) His
CD RIPS sit on a Qnap HS251.
his question was other Multi room options currently for sale....

The Hifi mag audio geek replied: that he wasnt alone in being afan of
the SBT.It was ahead of its time (I agree)..
but now "past its sell by date" (How dare he!!!)

The audio geek recommended a Blue Sound NODE2. personallyIam not really
into multi room music.Iam happy with just a good hifi set and while
theres support Fot my SBT will continue to use and enjoy.

But just out of interest...Apart from Sonos and leaving Naim and Linn
out of it (I want real world pricing)What would you use instead..??

Theres still IMHO nothing that beats the SBT for great Interface, price
etc...Oh yeh and sound...But not hearing something like the Node 2 Cant
really say if it sounds that much better......

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