while skimming through my emails I noticed that sourceforge has flushed its 
pending mail queues recently,
probably due to their internal re-structuring.
This is especially annoying since you recently had to re-confirm your 
subscription to tpmdd-devel,
and if you did not click that link your message got to "moderation pending" - 
exactly the queue that was now flushed.

Most of the emails Jarkko should have received by being a direct receipient,
however it might be that one or more of your emails have been forwarded to 

If you did not get a reply on one or more of your patches recently, PLEASE 

Sorry for the inconvenience.


p.s.: maybe it makes sense to become a "real" kernel subsystem with the mailing 
list on vger.kernel.org (and a git tree on kernel.org)?

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