On 8/9/2017 5:00 PM, Peter Huewe wrote:

Since we are the linux kernel, we do have to care for legacy
devices. And a system with LPC, PS2Mouse on SuperIO and a TPM are not
that uncommon.

And heck, we even have support for 1.1b TPM devices....

Understood.  However, remember that SuperIO is a 1980's device that
predates the TPM.  Since the TPM requires special LPC bus cycles, it's
even less likely that an old chipset has an attached TPM.

Interesting - let me check with Georg tomorrow. Unfortunately I do
not have access to my tcg mails from home (since I'm not working :), but did you _explicitly_ talk about LPC and the system? I'm sure the
TPM does not care about the waitstates...

Yes, Infineon was one of the 3 TPM vendors who confirmed this.

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