Dave Abrahams <d...@boostpro.com> writes:

> Hi Michael,

Hi Dave,

> Tramp just spins its little bar when trying to connect to a nearby
> machine, and I can't tell why.
> [3. text/plain; tramp-buffer]
> Last login: Mon Oct 17 17:58:55 2016 from fe80::425:8609:c5f1:55a0%en3
> ]1337;RemoteHost=dave@Wingy.local]1337;CurrentDir=/Users/dave]1337;ShellIntegrationVersion=3;shell=bash]133;C;]133;D;0]1337;RemoteHost=dave@Wingy.local]1337;CurrentDir=/Users/dave]133;AWingy:~
>  dave$ ]133;BKilled by signal 15.

This is a very strange prompt; Tramp is likely to be confused by
this. Pls change the prompt on your remote machine, the Tramp manual
gives you some recipes.

Best regards, Michael.

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