>I am new to Transcode, and have been having trouble getting the proper 
>output from my transcoding efforts. I would like to check with all of 
>you to make sure that what I am doing is possible, and solicit some much 
>needed assistance! I am trying to transcode from an arbitrary supported 
>format to H.264 & MP3 encoded MP4 files.

This can be done using transcode, with one caveat: you'll need to use a
separate utility (such as mp4creator from the mpeg4ip package) to do
the final multiplexing, since transcode itself doesn't support MP4 file
creation yet.  Command lines vary depending on your source data and how
you want to encode it, of course, but here's basically what I do to
create MP4s:

transcode -i (input-file) -o (output-file).mp4.264 -m (output-file).mp4.mp3 -y 
mp4creator -create=(output-file).mp4.mp3 (output-file).mp4
mp4creator -create=(output-file).mp4.264 -rate=(input-fps) (output-file).mp4

  --Andrew Church

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