Hi, all,

This doc is very confusing.

Its title and discussion throughout indicates “TRILL over IP”, including figs 
in Sec 4, but the only actual encapsulations described are TRILL over UDP and 

IMO, this needs a very deep scrub to resolve. It would help to understand that 
the root issue is that the encapsulation headers are *all* those added to the 
TRILL packet trying to transit the IP network; there’s no “inserting” of 
encapsulation between IP and TRILL.

That includes:

- explaining why you require IPsec tunnel mode, when the encapsulations 
presented would be completely secure using TLS/DLS or any variant of IPsec on 
the encapsulated traffic

- explaining the relation between TRILL MTU discovery and the MTU of the 
transport level, and how these interact (or could interfere) with each other

- why are not other more obvious encapsulations being considered, notably any 
TCP/UDP encapsulation that already supports Ethernet, including GRE (which 
might then allow this doc to be condensed to instructions for configuration, 
rather than trying to specify a new encapsulation system)


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