That's my first post,i wanna thank you all guy for the info that i'm finding on this forum.

I've just Libreboot my Lenovo X60 and i'm currently writing from it on Trisquel 6.0.1.

Initially i've tried to install Trisquel 7 but i've never been able to finish the installation because the fan was increasing the speed and the CPU was in a overheat state causing a shutdown.

I've been able only to run Trisquel 7 in "Live" mode and i've realized that both cores were at 100% usage (without doing any tasks) and the laptop was getting really hot and shutdown after few minutes.

On Trisquel 6.0.1 everything runs fine (CPU around 4% with few open tabs on Abrowser).The fan seems to be a bit noisy than when it was running windows but maybe i might be wrong(or paranoid)

Additional infos:
The X60 had a BOE-Hydis HT121X01-101 Display that was replaced with a Samsung LTN121XJ-L07 that took it from a X60s.

Libreboot version:20150208

I flashed the Libreboot by software

Anyone has encountered this kind of issue?
Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

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