GRUB's stage 1 must be stored in the MBR (the first sector, not a partition), GRUB's stage 1.5 still is before the first partition (that starts at sector 63) and GRUB's stage 2 is in /boot/grub, i.e., inside your partition number 6.

So, you can only keep the partitions numbered 6, 7 (not actually required, you could have a swap file or not swap at all) and 8 for a working Trisquel. If you keep the partition number 4, I guess you want to enlarge it a little, taking the space currently occupied by partitions number 1, 2 and 3. Partition number 8 would take the space currently occupied by partition number 5.

All that is easily done from Trisquel's live system, which includes GParted .

An alternative is to backup all data on partitions 4 and 8 (you want backups anyway), redo the install choosing this time to take the whole disk and, once in the new system, restore the whole backup in the large (maybe 470 GB) /home partition that was created.

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