haha crazy this thread to turned into fixing a bug, I skipped over the FSF philosophy part. but other then that great thread!

I left Trisquel myself a while ago for debian stable. The reason was mostly for steam gaming. I'm not a 100% free only guy sorry. But Trisquel is still good for 2019 I don't see why leave if people are? It still gets the security updates, just a day late. So i would always check the ubuntu security page and if its serious not use trisquel for a day if anything.

But the reason I like trisquel so much is because it was the only iso where I could use Grsec with the linux-libre kernel and it would complain about nothing. Loved that trisquel was using gnome flashback desktop, everything about it. To the fact that even the network logs were noise free unlike anything I've ever used.

But I as well never felt comfortable about Ruben being non existent, or most of the community members not even using trisquel themselves, Including the two devs like Ruben who use debian. Community members trying to constantly change the project to something else. like basit it on something else, change the DE and the login manger and so on, etc..... So is everyone moving to debian not a surprise to me, or Ruben disappearing, no of course not, because it was encouraged.

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