CLI applications require less resources, are much faster and efficient. Sure, they are less friendly for you will not click with your mouse in a GUI, instead you will only use your keyboard and will need to learn a few commands.

Xfce is awesome, it has no bloat, it doesn't get in your way, it doesn't get slower with each version, they don't add nonsense and is very complete and supercustomizable.

I believe the package to install is xfce4 and the goodies:
sudo apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies

Then you log out and at the login screen you select it as your DE (I believe you'll find the selection icon on the top right of your screen, you select Xfce, and that's it.
By default it'll look as poo :(
But you can set it to look exactly how you want to look, you just need to tinker a little. But first use it for a few days and see if you like its minimalism and functionality. You are welcome :)

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