Misty, to clarify a little bit, or more correctly to prove the point let us take an example. Let's use a very, very lightweight **GUI** music player - namely qmmp

The "terminal" music player we can relate to, the one I like, will be "moc"

Now, on my old but great beasty, I open the terminal to check RAM usage and CPU usage, using "top", here, the average values

qmmp - cpu usage 13.5 %  / ram usage 2.1 %
mocp - cpu usage 7.5 %  / ram usage 0.6 %

You can see the great difference. Now, consider that I am comparing the CLI program with a GUI program tht is exceptionally lightweight (qmmp). If you compare it to a music player that is not as lightweight you'll probably find out "moc" uses 1/3 or 1/4 of the resources..

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