"Extremism" boils down to "ideas and action we really don't like". In other words, it's a meaningless propaganda phrase much like "intellectual property". I remember someone demonstrating just how meaningless it is to call someone an "extremist" by saying something like, "I'll use whatever means necessary to stop people raping children, so I guess I am an anti-child-rape extremist".

In recent years, the word "extremist" tends to be used as a synonym for "terrorist", another meaningless propaganda phrase that also generally boils down to "ideas and action we really don't like". The word chosen depends on the context, not the thing described. When a suicide bomber blows up a school bus in Israel it's "terrorism" by an "extremist", but when CIA US drone strikes murder hundreds of children it's "collateral damage" by "defence forces" (even though they're doing it in other people's countries so it's actually offence not defence).

Calling people "extremists" implies they are willing to use violence to achieve their goals. Since it's obvious that nobody would protest against proprietary software by assassinating corporate CEOs or blowing things up, this is simply an ugly smear. Using this kind of hyperbolic language makes it clear that LR either doesn't have a very firm grip on reality, or more likely, just doesn't cares much about truth or nuance. If I was a Libreboot developer, I would be nodding and smiling, backing slowly away, and getting ready to fork the project.

BTW I agree this belongs in an "off-topic" area, but does it really have to be called the Troll Lounge? Could we possibly have two forums, the 'Troll Hole' for actual trolling, and another one for conversations relevant to the Software Freedom movement, but not specifically to Trisquel, called something like 'Off-topic Lounge' or even 'Software Freedom Lounge'? I am guilty of starting off-topic threads in the user forum because I'm not trolling, and I refuse to start them in a forum area called the Troll anything.

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