After this recent thread I have decided to try to replace my smartphone with a PDA running JMP and only free software. I'm now trying to find on a good fully free device to use.

The Ben Nanonote looks ideal, but I can't actually find a source from which to buy one. The wiki says that as of 2015 only IDA Systems sells it, and it appears that now they don't sell it either.

The DragonBox Pyra looks like a good alternative. The GPU may or may not be nonfree. I can't find any recent information on that. However, since I don't plan to use the device for games I might be able to avoid using the GPU even if it is nonfree.

The Pandora, which is the predecessor to the Pyra is less expensive and sufficient for my needs, but I find it even more difficult to find information on any freedom issues.

I also found this tutorial on creating a mini computer using a Raspberry Pi, but if this is up-to-date then is sounds like the Raspberry Pi is nonfree.

Can anyone share knowledge about any of these devices or others that might work?

Also, obviously WiFi will be necessary for how I plan to use this. Is it likely that I should be okay with any device with a USB port for a ThinkPengiun WiFi adpater assuming I can install the driver?

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