>The Ben Nanonote looks ideal, but I can't actually find a >source from which to buy one. The wiki says that as of 2015 >only IDA Systems sells it, and it appears that now they don't >sell it either.

Indeed- the domain has changed hands at some point, and the original owner appears to have gone out of business. Sigh... the Nanonote was so beautiful, and free to boot!

>The DragonBox Pyra looks like a good alternative. The GPU >may or may not be nonfree. I can't find any recent >information on that. However, since I don't plan to use the >device for games I might be able to avoid using the GPU >even if it is nonfree. >The Pandora, which is the predecessor to the Pyra is less >expensive and sufficient for my needs, but I find it even >more difficult to find information on any freedom issues.

Both are addressed in https://trisquel.info/en/forum/some-info-open-pandora-pyra-pandora-game-console#comment-92758; the original source for the question on the Pyra was at https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/how-close-does-the-pyras-design-come-to-respecting-your-freedom.76105/.

For the Pandora, do you know where units are for sale? I'd be interested in one myself if they're still around.

>I also found this tutorial on creating a mini computer >using a Raspberry Pi, but if this is up-to-date then is >sounds like the Raspberry Pi is nonfree.

Unfortunately, the Pi is still not freed- booting goes via the GPU first, for some reason, which requires loading the proprietary GPU blob. Work has been done on this (https://github.com/christinaa/rpi-open-firmware), but there's a little way to go before it's usable. I *do* hope somebody can complete it- it would be a wonderful thing to have.

>Can anyone share knowledge about any of these devices or >others that might work?

As happy_gnu said, a Replicant device without a SIM card would also serve well. There's also the PocketChip, which seems rather similar to the Pandora freedom- and spec-wise.

>Also, obviously WiFi will be necessary for how I plan to >use this. Is it likely that I should be okay with any >device with a USB port for a ThinkPengiun WiFi adpater >assuming I can install the driver?

Yes- as long as the firmware/driver is installed, any wi-fi adapter will work.

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