> Now how do I completely uninstall it after I've built it?

From the makefile, it looks like each file either is named or is in a directory 
named something with "playonlinx" or "PlayOnLinux" as a substring, so that's 
what we'd need to get rid of.

First lets get rid of our clone of the repository.

$ cd path/to/wherever/you/cloned/the/repository
$ rm -rf POL-POM-4/

'rm' means 'remove'. The '-rf' is necessary to remove directories.

Next cd into your root (top-level) directory

$ cd /

and search for all files and directories containing "playonlinux" or 

$ sudo find -iname "*playonlinux*"

'sudo' is to avoid getting getting messages of the form "find: *: Permission 
denied". 'find' is the command we are running. '-iname' says to search 
filenames and directory names ignoring case ('-name' without the 'i' would make 
it case-sensitive). "*playonlinux*" is the string we're looking for. The '*' 
before and after 'playonlinux' means that anything can come before or after 
'playonlinux' in the name, as long as 'playonlinux' is in there somewhere. The 
output should be a bunch of file names and locations.

In order to easily delete all of these at once, we're going to turn the whole 
list of them into a variable: '$(sudo find -iname "*playonlinux*"). To see what 
this looks like, run

$ echo $(sudo find -iname "*playonlinux*")

You should see the same files and directories as before, but printed all on one 
line. Finally, we will remove them all with

$ sudo rm -rf $(sudo find -iname "*playonlinux*")

Please copy/pase that line exactly so that you don't accidentally remove 
anything else.

Now run

$ sudo find -iname "*playonlinux*"

again and you'll see that the files are all gone.

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