I disagree strongly with this, our first goal as a libre community is to get people off of... PROPRIETARY OPERATING SYSTEMS!

Such as crapple, winblows and google crapbooks...

Your context is meaningless for this reason. Such purity is admirable for libre culture, but it is harmful to expect people to jump from point A, to point K OR Z...

That almost never works in changing anyones mind.

What I mean by a libre playonlinux or winetricks-libre, is an effort to make it possible to play windows games without any blobs or anything proprietary at all.

This may in practice be extremely hard, but I say, it cannot possibly be impossible.

And to be honest, even if it is impossible now, it might not be in the future.

And lastly, I guess, would you rather them stick with an operating system like the three I mentioned above... (crapple winblows google crapbooks...)

I know some people think compromise is bad for free software, but for some people it is needed to get that first taste into free software.


Keep this all in mind.

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