> What I mean by a libre playonlinux or winetricks-libre, is an effort to make it possible to play windows games without any blobs or anything proprietary at all.

Don't you see the contradiction in this? You want to make it possible to play proprietary games "without... anything proprietary". That is literally speaking impossible. If X is a subset of Y, you can't have X with no Y.

Note: I'm not aware of any libre games that use DirectX or the Windows API, but if such games exist, they can be recompiled using Winelib and packaged with the standard package manager, like the XM Solitaire example I mentioned above. There is no need for anything like PlayOnLinux for any libre game.

What exactly do you think it means for there to be a libre version of PlayOnLinux? Are you under the impression that PlayOnLinux itself is proprietary? If so, you're wrong; PlayOnLinux is licensed under the GNU GPL. You can check here for yourself:


The only thing non-libre is its listing of proprietary software (along with parameters to run those programs correctly), but that information is the entire point of PlayOnLinux's existence. Why would you want PlayOnLinux without its most important feature?

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